Out of my darkness, you give light, Out of my sin you have given life, In times of perish you offer plight, In the midst of wickedness, you make right, Jesus you are my LORD You shine your face before me, My tears you turn into joy, Peace is your offering, Yet with your heart […]



I’m running. I’m running really fast. I can’t see my pursuers, but their foot prints leave me aghast. They are not human {Have men clutched iron chains with grips of slavery?}. They drag chains with them as they come after me. The rattling of those chains sends chills down my spine and I can hear […]



“It’s not what they teach us in school that makes us, it’s how we apply the teachings to our living.” In a world where being good is deemed evil and sin is washed to appease the lusts of our flesh, it is hard to be upright. Man is not upright (maybe in stature) but his […]

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LOVE THYSELF…it’s important

“I am slowly dying inside or so I tell myself hoping I’ll feel better about my predicaments. I am currently in deep emotional pain. I am a lonely kid and for whom 19 has felt like 40. When everyone around me thinks I’m making the wrong life decisions and that I might turn out a […]

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what is love?

I sit back, my nails drenched in dirt I wonder what’s this they call love I wonder if its letters are on my chart Whether the wait for you was enough Whether the sweet lullabies in your head give trust Or whether they are a pillow for your hurt If only we could get together […]

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Being back at the keyboard is a great relief for me. I have been writing on paper for some time now after my Word crashed. It was a great time I must admit, there is something about the smell of Bic ink on recycled trees that makes you feel more worthy of the tag writer. […]

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“The world is crazy! People out here are doing some crazy shit to prove a point to the same people who be judging them for that crazy shit!” -Yang Sabii- I Writing as it seems is quite demanding. That was just an opening statement because I have no idea how I will break down this […]


33 Years Later

It was the wail that brought the whole village from the dreamy walls of sleep. Or at least that’s how the story was told to us, who were absent. It was not her wail though. It was the wail of she who found her. The finder was shocked to see her. By now the hers […]

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What would you be willing to do in order to inherit one billion dollars?….. That is the intro phrase on the mahogany brown cover of Jim Stowall’s The Ultimate Gift. Well, I don’t see myself inheriting a billion dollars but that phrase sure arouses something in me. The weight of willingness. The “Do whatever it […]

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