Out of my darkness, you give light, Out of my sin you have given life, In times of perish you offer plight, In the midst of wickedness, you make right, Jesus you are my LORD You shine your face before me, My tears you turn into joy, Peace is your offering, Yet with your heart […]



I am currently gliding through life feeling a bit out of place. I really don’t see the point of humanity. That daily job is not working for me mentally and physically. I feel like there’s more to us. There’s more to humanity and existence. I’m conflicted because I know the truth is in our Lord […]

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Sometimes is not all times

Sometimes I wake up feeling evil. Like I want to harm someone or even hurt another’s feelings. Well I never get to do these things probably cause I’m not that aggressive and I never get the chance. The truth is sometimes we have different feelings and desires. Variant wants and needs. A need is not […]

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Save Me From Myself.

There is an addiction to power. It’s been proven time and again by history. A man can never have enough power to exhort himself. The need for satisfaction becomes a hunger and desire to possess more and more. Individuals like Caesar Niro, Idi Amin, Hitler, Mobutu Sseseko, Judas Iscariot, you and I; are proof of […]

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When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior; there is supposed to be a renewal. This is pivotal to the person we should be in our Lord Jesus Christ. However, in these days of ending, being a loyal Christian is demanding. It demands our will. Why? Because the fleshly carnalities of man fight […]

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My Thoughts & I

“ In utter loneliness, I reflect. I see the pains and failures I hide in my subconscious. The realization that I am utterly nothing and the chances of it staying that way are rather high. I miss having company. I’m suffering the disease of loneliness. Somehow I believe I brought this on myself. The ignorance […]

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I’ve now realised that there is nothing new on the face of Earth. Nothing. You may wonder what right I have to bluntly say that, but it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing new on the face of Earth. Truth of the matter, existence is all about motifs. Let’s look at religions for example; they all […]

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The existence of toxicity is adept to that of air. The two have been forced to cohabit by the human race. Humanity bears so much toxicity it comes naturally; from toxic waste to toxic relationships. Genuiness is no longer an attribute of value. Worth and value have been placed on material things; a car, a […]

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I still recall when I went to confirm whether it was really her or just another mistaken identity happening. I had been called by one of the slum kids to go check rather go confirm because everyone was pretty sure it was her. We had been living in the shady and shantytown or as media […]



I’m running. I’m running really fast. I can’t see my pursuers, but their foot prints leave me aghast. They are not human {Have men clutched iron chains with grips of slavery?}. They drag chains with them as they come after me. The rattling of those chains sends chills down my spine and I can hear […]